From its inception in 2006, Rii Touch Technologies, a computer peripheral and consumer electronic developer, has earned a reputation for excellence in design, construction, and innovation that continually surpasses customer's expectations. Our policy of holding each product to the highest standards of engineering and user experience have resulted in numerous and diverse collaborations with a number of partners and clients.

Rii Touch Technologies is known for its unwavering commitment to deliver value by emphasizing the need for efficient and talented employees, innovation, technological strengths and quality practices. In addition, integral to Rii Touch practices are processes that address key concerns such as protection of intellectual property, both domestic and international.

In additional to providing product services including architecture, design, development, testing and maintenance, we also provide services such as logistics organization, fulfillment options, and other ways to add value to your company's operations.

Rii Touch Technologies enables companies to:

• Bring concepts to reality

• Increase global visibility

• Improve reliability and performance

• optimize and expand development budgets

Rii Touch provides complete visibility into the progress of current projects, ensuring on-time, on-budget, and top-quality services. This is our commitment to our partners and customers.

Rii Touch has a global footprint that spans US, European and Asian markets. With its global presence, Rii Touch Technologies is proud to offer a seasoned team of engineers and designers dedicated to excellence in design and manufacturing.

Over the years, Rii Touch has accumulated a number of satisfied customers and successfully brought ideas into product releases. In the realm of wireless technology, computer accessories, and mobile electronics, Rii Touch is a holder of many international patents, and we continue to bring innovation and enthusiasm to all of our projects.