With our own in-house team production staff and equipment, we oversee our projects from start to finish, ensuring the highest level of quality. We operate over 37,000 square feet of ISO 9001 certified manufacturing space. Our staff handles all aspects of the product's life cycle, including design, engineering, assembly, printing and packaging.

Our design team is well versed in the latest computer design and testing practices, to ensure an efficient and effective build process. From conceptual sketches to circuit layout, we never overlook the small details that make Rii Touch products different from the rest.

Rii Touch's surface mount field boasts accuracy, speed and reliability. Our surface mount lines are equipped with the latest stencil printers, in-line board handlers, pick and place machines, and quality control mechanisms. Our expert team of maintenance and design personnel is constantly looking for ways to improve our methods, which results in continued improvements in our manufacturing abilities. Additionally, our lines are on a stringent maintenance schedule that is strictly adhered to, keeping our efficiency and accuracy on par with industry demands.

Our quality control team is constantly monitoring our initial component selection, manufacturing process, and final product to ensure that every piece to leave the Rii Touch facility is of exceptional quality.

Current Projects