Rii Touch N7 Bluetooth + 2.4 GHZ Wireless Keyboard, Rii Touch N7 2.4 GHZ Wireless Keyboard

Ease of use that fits in one hand

Whether you have guests over or simply want to control your entertainment center from the comfort of your seat, the Rii Touch N7 provides the convenience to integrate your multimedia devices. Wireless connectivity means that you can control wherever you go, even with HTPC enclousures that are behind desks or cabinets. The dedicated media keys are suited for both audio and video devices, including Windows Media Player and all other major software.

LED Backlighting allows you to easily control movies and more, even when the lights are dimmed or off.

Play, pause, skip and stop with the easy-access multimedia keys.

2.4 Ghz wireless technology provides more compatibility with a wide range of devices, including consoles, laptops, HTPC's, and more.

Advanced lithium-ion battery keeps charging times shorter and allows longer usage time; the N7 can hold a charge for up to one month.