Multimedia Presentations

Presentations, meetings and lectures are more informative and lively when you have the proper tools. The RiiTouch N7 has all the features needed to make your multimedia presentations come to life, including long range capabilities, a backlit keyboard, smart touchpad, and near-universal compatibility. Teachers can more readily engage their students, and corporate presentations will benefit from the ease of use. Team members holding a conference can not only navigate pages, but also enter text and data, which means higher productivity and more enthusiastic meetings.

Backlit keyboard allows you to conveniently navigate even during a presentation with the lights dimmed, and the navigational bezel lets the speaker smoothy transition from slide to slide.

With the innovative 90-degree touchpad, the user can use the keyboard in both upright and horizontal positions; one handed operation permits ease of use during lectures.

The included 2.4 GHz dongle attaches to your computer's USB port, and is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.

Large lecture halls and conference rooms aren't a problem for the N7's 10-meter range; move about as you speak with a stable & secure wireless connection.